ASP Family Intensive— Parents and Children Both Can Learn

Due to requests from families around the world, the Spiral Movement Center will be holding its first Adapted Spiral Praxis (ASP) family intensive in 2018. The ASP family intensive is designed primarily for children with severe special needs/disabilities and their families. Our program is designed to help children learn motor re-education through a somatic process. Daily classes, parent workshops, field trips and follow-up online help are just some of the offerings of this in-depth intensive. Our goal is to give children and parents as much knowledge as possible during the intensive, so that they can continue the somatic process of Adapted Spiral Praxis at home.

The summer intensive will be held between July 30th and August 26th (orientation is Monday July 30th). The cost of the intensive is $1000/week (tax included)*, which includes group classes as well as individual/pair sessions three times a week. Parents will be given daily training and can also participate in optional professional training programs in the evenings.  In addition, all families will be given access to a community forum after the summer intensive where questions will be fielded and shared on an on-going basis.  Housing and transportation is the responsibility for each family.  The intensive is available for both families abroad and local families within the SMC community.

  • This intensive has been a long time coming. Stephanie and I and the SMC staff have had much success working to help children but we have always relied on a consistent, long-term approach to help children with their physical challenges. The ASP intensive is only four weeks long—a practical limit for families travelling from abroad—and we have taken many pains to plan a program that will maximize that time.

    At SMC we pride ourselves with giving children a loving environment for learning and creativity. We will attempt to focus all our energy to ensure that children feel relaxed, happy and challenged during their stay here. Take a look at some of the features that we feel will make our program unique, effective, and frankly, awesome for your kids!

  • Smaller is Better

    Class will be capped for 6-8 students with a teaching/student ratio of 1:1.

    Parent Training

    Daily discussion groups for parent-related issues and basic somatic training

    Communal Learning

    Daily morning group classes in bodywork, adapted yoga and movement.

    Individual Progress

    Intensive individual sessions 3x/week with Stephanie & Yuji and our trained staff

    Holistic Ecology

    Songs, games, play time, communal lunches, week-end outings and more!

    Post-Intensive Support

    Community forum for on-going questions and tips after the summer.

Watch three-year old Iris' inspiring progress as she is learning to stand.

    ASP Family Intensive

    For kids, parents and caregivers


    Professional and Caregiver Training (On-Going)

    The Spiral Movement Center provides professional-level training for its most popular programs on an on-going basis through the year. These training programs are typically held on weekend evenings and are perfect for professionals, teachers, and social workers who wish to learn how to run somatic gross motor programs and adapted yoga programs in their own professional environments. Parents are welcome to join in the fun too!

    The four training programs below have been successfully implemented in Canada at Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation, Toronto District School Board, AutismOntario, as well as at the Positive Education Program and the Center for START Services in the United States. They will give you skills to work with individuals and groups of children across a wide spectrum of special needs and disabilities.

        Available Training/Certification Programs

        • How To Teach Adapted Yoga (August 11-12, 12-4pm)

          Adapted Yoga can help children with special needs learn how to be calm, relaxed, and gain more awareness of their own body. Our Adapted Yoga certification program is packed with experiential learning, sample lesson plans and access to an online forum for follow-up teaching tips. Participants will learn how to work safely with children with special needs, how to organize class structure, how to adapt yoga poses for the children, and how to keep their classes creative and evolving. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, caregivers and yoga professionals to start their own Adapted Yoga program. Some yoga experience required. Two-day, 8-hour workshop. Cost: $250 (tax included).

        • Basic Somatic Re-education Techniques for Children with Disabilities (August 18-19, 12-4pm)

          Somatic bodywork techniques are extremely powerful tools that can be used to help children in many important ways, including releasing contractures, re-patterning body co-ordinations, and inducing a state of calm in children. This certification program is geared towards parents, caregivers, personal support workers and other front line people who may wish to incorporate bodywork into their daily practice with children. The workshop will explore basic bodywork techniques and principles, which can help your child release, stretch, and tone muscles. Two-day 8-hour workshop. Cost: $250 (tax included).

        • MOVEMENT! Teacher workshop (TBA)

          The MOVEMENT!® certification program will teach you about running a creative gross motor program based on MOVEMENT!® principles. MOVEMEN!T® is a motor re-education program that has been successful in helping hundreds of children with special needs become more competent and confident with their bodies. Training objectives include motor teaching strategies, lesson planning, physical assessment, relaxation activities and much more! Some teaching aids provided. The training itself is highly experiential—we encourage all teachers to participate in and experience movement activities so they can learn what their children will learn. Two day 8-hour workshop. Cost $250 (tax included).

        • BodySongs & Stories™ Workshop for Parents & Caregivers

          The BodySongs & Stories™ Workshop is one of several weekend workshops that will be presented to parents and caregivers over the course of the intensive. The BodySongs & Stories™ Workshop is designed for parents, teachers, or somatic professionals to learn how touch techniques can help calm and relax children. BodySongs & Stories™ are touch textures accompanied by singing and narratives — they are ideal to use during transitions between activities, for helping de-escalate a crisis, or simply to use before nap or bed times. DVD and handouts provided. Training objectives will be learning how to do touch textures, sing the songs, and identify calming strategies—very popular workshop with parents! Free for summer intensive parents ($120 drop-in tax included).

        Professional Workshops

        For teachers, parents and caregivers

        • Registration Information

          If you have any questions about the Adapted Spiral Praxis summer intensive or our on-going professional certification programs, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.