MOVEMENT!® is a creative gross motor program originally developed for the Positive Education Program in the United States, and is one of the first developmental motor programs designed for children with special needs in North America. Designed for kids ages 3-12 with special needs (autism, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, developmental delays, emotional challenges etc.), MOVEMENT!® has helped hundreds of special needs children gain a greater awareness and control of their own bodies.

MOVEMENT!®, is a creative, holistic program which helps children revisit developmental motor milestones from their infancy. It progresses step-by-step in three stages:

  1. Body Grammar: In the Fall children learn a core vocabulary of 12 movements based on rolling, crawling, and jumping, which explore body awareness, body coordination, strength, alignment and partnering.
  2. Space and Sequencing: In the Winter the children learn to sequences movements in time and space through various patterns as well as learn how to synchronize their movements with their peers.
  3. Creative Games: In the Spring, children are encouraged to integrate the skills through improvisatory movement structures. The activities range from simple freeze games to advanced flow games involving movement qualities, imagery and choreographic structures.

The effectiveness of the MOVEMENT!® program lies in its unique teaching philosophy. All somatic skills—whether they be gross motor skills, sequencing skills or creativity skills—are taught to students through multiple levels of exploration. These levels of exploration allow students with special needs to access movement creatively through their own doors rather than through fixed lesson plans. In addition to helping children with their motor skills, MOVEMENT!® can also help them learn the structures, rules and peer interaction needed to function in school classrooms—it is a perfect pre-academic foundation.

  • Registration Information

    MOVEMENT! is offered in a group format (6-10 kids) or as private sessions. To register you'll need to book a free 20 minute assessment and fill out our registration form (click here). Group dates and times are below—space is very limited so please book in advance.

    FALL SESSION: Oct 13 – Dec 16
    WINTER SESSION : Jan 5 – Mar 10
    SPRING SESSION : Mar 30 – June 2


    SAT: 2:15-3:00pm Movement!® (5-10 yr. old)
    SUN: 11:00-11:45am Movement!® (5-10 yr. old)

    FEES: The fee for each 10 week session of a group MOVEMENT! class is based on the number of children who attend the session. Call for group and private session fees.