Every so often we have the chance to document through film the amazing stories that our children bring to our studio. The documentaries below show real-life footage of children in sessions at the Spiral Movement Center—we are certain that their stories will inspire you. Look for all our videos at our Spiral Praxis Youtube Channel to understand the power of holistic bodymind therapy.

Early Documentaries

  • This short excerpt from the documentary "LITTLE STEPS" tells the story of Jessica, a girl who learns to overcome her fear of speaking at school.
  • YOGA FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS shows a day in the life of 6 students who are using adapted yoga classes to re-discover their bodies.

Recent Documentaries

  • A MIRACLE CHILD tells the remarkable story of Aidan, a 10 year old boy with cerebral palsy who learns how to roll, crawl and walk for the first time in his life.
  • JORDYN'S ROCKY JOURNEY chronicles the experience of autism from the perspective of a 13 year boy who has just learned how to communicate his majestic thoughts through writing.
  • DEEP BLUE SEA is a documentary of 6 children with special needs/disabilities who came together for a month-long intensive focused on ecological intervention.