Adapted Yoga

Adapted Yoga

SMC’s Adapted Yoga classes for teens and young adults with special needs are geared for participants to somatically experience poses rather than simply memorize them. We employ innovative teaching methods to help students fully embody the poses. All poses are taught within well organized stations; props and visual aids are used to help the students understand where their body is in space and how the pose feels on the inside; and partnering and group synchronization are encouraged whenever possible. Each participant is encouraged to make strong progress within his/her individual ability.

SMC’s Adapted Yoga has been used as a model for yoga instruction by many special needs institutions including the Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Pegasus Community Center, Gifted People Services, Autism Ontario, and the Center for START Services in the United States. From week to week the students explore different themes in Yoga such as partnering, high energy pitch, holding poses for a long time, linking poses into a series. In this way the students are able to re-visit old poses from a new perspective, gaining more awareness and mastery over their bodies. The ultimate aim of Adapted Yoga is to help teens and young adults with special needs learn how to feel secure, relaxed and comfortable within themselves. The Adapted Yoga program is perfect for parents who wish for their children to gain independence and confidence in the process of learning.

  • Registration Information

    Adapted Yoga is offered in a group format (6-10 kids) or as private sessions.  To register you'll need to book a free 20 minute assessment and fill out our registration form (click here).  Group dates and times are below—space is very limited so please book in advance.

    FALL SESSION: Oct 14 – Dec 15
    WINTER SESSION : Jan 6 – Mar 8
    SPRING SESSION : Mar 30 – May 31


    SAT: 1:00-1:45pm Movement!® for Kids (5-10 yr. old)
    SUN: 1:00-2:00pm Movement!® for Teens and Young Adults (15-25 yr. old)
    SUN: 2:15-3:15pm Movement!® for Pre-Teens (11-15 yr. old)

    FEES: The fee for each 10 week session of a group MOVEMENT! class is based on the number of children who attend the session. Call for group and private session fees.