Natural Somatic Healing

 The Spiral Movement Center offers high-quality, individualized somatic motor-re-education programs for children with disabilities and special needs.  We specialize in helping these children creatively revisit gross motor milestones so that they can achieve their highest physical potential.  Our programs have been extremely successful with hundreds of kids with autism, ADHD, developmental delays, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, and emotional and behavioral challenges.  SMC’s original, holistic programs use cutting-edge somatic techniques that can help your child regain their love for movement.

Somatic Motor Re-education

The Spiral Movement Center offers world-class somatic re-education services for children with moderate to severe postural and locomotive challenges.  We use a innovative, non-invasive intervention call Adapted Spiral Praxis which has been very successful in releasing contractures, improving body tone, and restoring physical mobility for children with cerebral palsy, partial paralysis, ataxia and other conditions.  Watch our many videos showing the progress that is possible through the power of holistic somatic re-education.

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Adapted Yoga Program

Our Adapted Yoga program has garnered attention from Special Needs institutions both in Canada and the US for it’s simple and effective experiential approach.  Designed for teens and young adults with special needs, Adapted Yoga can help individuals to gain better body awareness and strength, to learn how build trusting social ties, and to improve relaxation and self-esteem.

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Movement!® is a holistic gross motor program that has helped hundreds of children with special needs revisit the fundamentals of moving, socially interacting, and being creative.  Originally created and implemented at the Positive Education Program in Ohio, Movement! has proven effective for children across a wide range of challenges including autism, ADHD, hyperactivity and developmental delays.  It is one of the first developmental group motor curricula for kids with special needs implemented in North America.

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What People Are Saying
I have known Mr.Oka and Ms. Gottlob for ten years and have admired their creative and groundbreaking work with children with serious emotional disturbances. Mr. Oka and Ms. Gottlob observed the children through a dancer’s eyes and saw much more than those of us traditionally trained in education and psychology. .

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